Koti ja Yhteiskunta

Koti ja Yhteiskunta (Finnish: Home and Society) was a Finnish language monthly women's magazine which was published in Helsinki in the period 1889–1911.[1] It was the official media outlet of the Finnish Women’s Association.[2]

Koti ja Yhteiskunta
Editor-in-chiefAlexandra Gripenberg
CategoriesWomen's magazine
PublisherFinnish Women’s Association
FounderAlexandra Gripenberg
First issue14 April 1889
Final issue31 December 1911
Based inHelsinki

History and profileEdit

Koti ja Yhteiskunta was first published on 14 April 1889.[3] The founder was Alexandra Gripenberg who also edited the magazine which covered both political writings and domestic articles.[3] She was the sole editor-in-chief of the magazine until 1911 and published various articles.[4] Koti ja Yhteiskunta was published by the Finnish Women’s Association on a monthly basis.[3] The magazine opposed to women's having sex and children before marriage and denounced the working-class and rural women who were frequently practising these.[5] It also regarded female servants as a threat for family life and demanded that female servants should be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.[5] After producing a total 273 issues Koti ja Yhteiskunta ceased publication on 31 December 1911.[3]


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