Korićanske stijene

Korićanske stijene (Korićani's Rocks) are nearly vertical cliffs above Ilomska Canyon (on Vlašić Mountain). It is located about half a kilometer from the village Korićani, at an altitude between of about 750 and 1,100 meters. On the right cliff above Ilomska are Marići's and Imljani's rocks (1,100 m also). Thus, the depth of the abyss is 350 to 400 meters.[1][2][3][4]

On August 21, 1992, the rocks were the site of the Korićani Cliffs massacre of more than 200 civilians (Bosniaks and Croats) from Prijedor.[5]

Every year on August 21 at Korićanske rocks, the anniversary of the massacre is marked by throwing 250 roses into the abyss, symbolizing the murdered civilians.


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