Korean Imperial Naval Academy

The Korean Imperial Navy Academy, or the Tongjaeyonghakdang (통제영학당,統制營學堂) was established by the Korean Empire. In British and American records, it was also known as the Royal Naval Academy or The Navy School. The 1000 Won for the establishment was borrowed from China. The construction took place in Ganghwa Island, which was a main region of foreign attacks upon Korea, such as the American expedition to Korea in 1871, the Japanese expedition to Korea in 1875, and the French expedition to Korea in 1866. It was a part of the bigger plan during the Gwangmu Reform. The academy produced about 160 officers until its close during the First Sino-Japanese War.

Korean Imperial Navy Academy (Tongjaeyonghakdang)
Tongjaeyonghakdang (통제영학당,統制營學堂).jpg
FacultyW.D.Hutchison,W. H. Callwell,J. W. Curtis
Number of students350
Establishment Cost1000 Korean Won
Training at the KINA.
Official residence of the foreign trainers of the KINA.


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