Korea Polytechnic IV Asan

Asan Information & Technology Polytechnic College is located in Sinchang-myeon, Asan city, South Chungcheong province, not far from Soonchunhyang University. The current president of the college is Hyun-Suk Jung. Apart from the Department of Information & Communication Systems, the school's other departments are concerned with various aspects of digital design: the school includes departments of multimedia, computer animation, visual communication design, and visual media.

Asan Information and Technology Polytechnic College
PresidentHyun-Suk Jung
Administrative staff
Location, ,
Korea Polytechnic IV Asan
Revised RomanizationAsan Jeongbo Gineung Daehak
McCune–ReischauerAsan Chŏngbo Kinŭng Taehak

The South Korean Ministry of Labor began laying plans for the college in 1996, and construction on the campus was underway by 1999. The first class of students was admitted on March 2, 2002.[1] The school currently employs around 35 staff. Campus facilities include a library, dormitory, cafeteria and golf course.

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