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Korakkar was a Siddhar, one of the celebrated yogis of South Indian Hinduism.[citation needed] He was a student of the Siddhars Agathiar and Bogar, and is mentioned various times in the works of Bogar.[citation needed] His name was Tamilised from the original Gorakh[1] identifying him with Gorakshanath, who lived probably in the early 11th century and founded or reformed the Nath order of renunciants, an early Yoga movement.[citation needed]

His works include Korakkar Malai Vagatam (Korakkar's Mountain Medicines),[1] Malai Vaakadam, Korakkar Vaippu, Kaalamegam, Marali Varadham, Nilaiyodukam, and many more.

The cave of Korakkar where he stayed for a long time is located in Sathuragiri, a village in Tamil Nadu.


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