Konstantinos Markoulakis

Konstantinos Markoulakis, born in Athens in 1970,[1][2] is a Greek actor. He graduated from Athens College and he studied in Dramatic School of National Theatre.[1] Since 1991, he has been working continuously in theatre, cinema and television.[2] He has played in successful TV-series and he has won a television award for the TV-series Etsi Xafnika, in 2005.[3] He has also won an Odysseas Award in 2013 London Greek Festival for the film The Telemachy.[4] Markoulakis is active in politics and he was candidate with Drassi.[2][5]

Konstantinos Markoulakis
Konstantinos Markoulakis (cropped).jpg
Born24 July 1970
Other namesMarkos Markoulakis
Years active1991–present





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