Konrad Wilhelm von Wernau

Engraving of Konrad Wilhelm von Wernau by Johann Salver.

Konrad Wilhelm von Wernau (1638–1684) was the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg from 1683 to 1684.

Konrad Wilhelm von Wernau was born in Dettingen [de] (part of modern Karlstein am Main) on 9 August 1638.

He was ordained as a priest on 21 December 1682. The cathedral chapter of Würzburg Cathedral elected him Prince-Bishop of Würzburg on 31 May 1683.

He died on 5 September 1684, without having had his election confirmed by the pope and without having been consecrated as a bishop.


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Peter Philipp von Dernbach
Prince-Bishop of Würzburg
Succeeded by
Johann Gottfried von Guttenberg