The Konjic Mithraeum, or Konjički Mithraeum (Serbo-Croatian: Konjički mitrej), is a Mithraeum, a temple dedicated to God of the Sun, Mithra, discovered in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Konjic Mithraeum
Konjički mitrej
Konjic Mithraeum
Konjic Mithraeum
Location of Konjic in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the temple is found
Alternative nameKonjički Mithraeum
LocationRepovica Hill, Konjic
RegionHerzegovina-Neretva Canton
Coordinates43°39′41″N 17°57′53″E / 43.6614648°N 17.964752°E / 43.6614648; 17.964752
TypeTemple, sanctuary
Lengtharound 9 metres (30 ft)
Widtharound 5 metres (16 ft)
Heightfloor level is at ground level
Foundedearly 4th century AD
AbandonedNot known
PeriodsRoman Imperial
Site notes
Excavation datesJanuary 1897
ArchaeologistsKarlo Patsch



The mithraeum in Konjic was a temple dedicated to God of the Sun, Mithra. The god was worshiped and cult of Mithraism spread to other parts of Roman Empire, throughout the Mediterranean basin, by slaves and merchants from the Orient, and by Roman soldiers who came into contact with the followers of the cult in the East.[1][2][3]

Discovery and protection


The remains of the Mithraeum in Konjic were discovered January 1897. The Konjic site is atypical as its floor level is at ground level. This means that temple main characteristic is absence of cave, hollow ground or even constructed spelaea. The Mithraism followers sought as a norm to found their places of worship in caves, whereas in absence of such topographical features they would excavate the soil, where the terrain permitted, and built small single-celled temple, known as spelaea, to reinforce the impression of a cave. However, in case of Konjic, temple was established on open ground, and only protection and seclusion was provided by dense forest, which disappeared by times of its discovery.[3]

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