Exhibition room on the ground floor
View of the parliament house from the 3rd floor

The Koller Gallery is the oldest private gallery in Hungary (founded in 1953) and is situated in the Castle District of Budapest. On the top floor of the three storey atelier-house the memorial room for the Hungarian artist Amerigo Tot can be found.


In the post war period the gallerist György Koller (1923–1996) founded the Association of Hungarian Engravers (“RMAK”)in 1953. Because quality and authenticity of the artworks were always his top priority, the association became soon well known in the Hungarian art scene and art market – especially because the artists were granted much more freedom and personal support than they could expect from the government. In 1980, the first private gallery of Hungary was opened in the atelier-house of the Hungarian-Italian sculptor Amerigo Tot. From that time on the Koller Gallery was authorized to present not only graphics, but also sculptures and paintings. Already in the year 1984, an exhibition- and sell room was established in the Hungarian National Gallery, which underlined the cooperation with the institution. Additionally, an exhibition room was opened in the Sándor Petőfi street as well as in the Hilton Hotel in the Castle District. Thus, Hungarian art could be presented to a broader public. The organisation of exhibitions abroad, as f.e. János Kass in London, Imre Varga in Venice, Vienna, Basel and Paris or Miklós Melocco in Hamburg, also enhanced the good reputation of Hungarian contemporary art. György Koller, the founder of the Koller Gallery, died in 1996.

In the year 2006, the grandson of György Koller became the managing director of the Koller Gallery. The aim of the gallery still is to represent Hungarian and international modern and contemporary art. After a period of modernisation, the gallery successfully organised numerous exhibition in Hungary and abroad.

Sculpture garden of the Koller Gallery

Represented artistsEdit

From the beginning, the gallery represented contemporary artists, especially engravers and graphical artists as f.e. Miklós Borsos, Lajos Szalay, János Kass, Vladimir Szabó and Gyula Hincz. The Koller Gallery also represents modern and contemporary sculptors such as Miklós Borsos, Imre Varga, Miklós Melocco and Péter Párkányi and modern and contemporary painters, such as István Szőnyi, István Csók, Bertalan Por, István Mácsai and among the young artists Gábor Szenteleki and Mózes Incze, just to name a few. The gallery also offers art appraisals and services for art collectors.

Amerigo Tot memorial roomEdit

The Koller Gallery can be found in the former atelier-house of the Hungarian-Italian sculptor Amerigo Tot. To bear tribute to the artists, a permanent memorial room and exhibition has been opened in fall 2010. And the Galerie Arte too.

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