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Kōfu Domain (甲府藩, Kōfu-han) was a feudal domain under the Tokugawa shogunate of Edo period Japan. The domain was centered at Kōfu Castle what is now the city of Kōfu, Yamanashi.[1]


Kai Province was initially entrusted to important Tokugawa clan members as Kōfu Domain, and later to the highly placed fudai daimyō Yanagisawa clan, with periods of direct shogunal rule ( tenryō ) in between. Following the transfer of Yanagisawa Yoshisato to Yamato Province in 1724, the domain remained under direct shogunal control until the Meiji Restoration.[2]

With the abolition of the han system in July 1871, Kōfu Domain became “Kōfu Prefecture”, which subsequently was renamed Yamanashi Prefecture.

List of daimyōEdit

# Name Tenure Courtesy title Court Rank kokudaka Notes
  Tokugawa clan, 1603-1704 (shinpan) [1]
1 Tokugawa Yoshinao (徳川義直) 1603–1607 Uhōe-no-kami (右兵衛督) Lower 4th (従四位下) 250,000 koku 9th son of Tokugawa Ieyasu
2 Tokugawa Tadanaga (徳川忠長) 1618–1624 Gon-Chūnagon (権中納言) Third (従三位) 238,000 koku 3rd son of Tokugawa Hidetada
3 Tokugawa Tsunashige (徳川綱重) 1661–1678 Sangi (参議) 3rd (従三位) 250,000->350,000 koku 3rd son of Tokugawa Iemitsu
4 Tokugawa Tsunatoyo (徳川綱豊) 1678–1704 Gon-Chūnagon (権中納言) 3rd (従三位) 350,000 koku 1st son of Tokugawa Tsunashige
became 6th Shōgun, Tokugawa Ienobu
  Yanagisawa clan, 1704-1724 (fudai)[3]
1 Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu (柳沢吉保)[3] 1704–1709 Mino-no-kami (美濃守); Sakonoe-shoshō (左権少将) Lower 4th (従四位下) 150,000 koku transfer from Kawagoe Domain
2 Yanagisawa Yoshisato (柳沢吉里)[3] 1709–1724 Kai-no-kami(甲斐守)
Jijū (侍従)
3rd (従三位) 150,000 koku Eldest son of Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu
transferred to Yamato-Kōriyama Domain
  Tokugawa clan, 1724-1871(tenryō) [1]

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