Kodiveri Dam

Kodiveri Dam is located on the Bhavani river near Sathyamangalam in Tamil Nadu.[1] The dam is situated along the State Highway 15 about 15 km (9.3 mi) from Gobichettipalayam towards Sathyamangalam. From Sathyamangalam via Aalatthukombai the dam is at a distance of 7 km (4.3 mi).

Kodiveri dam
Official nameKodiveri anaicut
LocationAkkarai Kodiveri, Gobichettipalayam Taluk, Tamil Nadu
Coordinates11°28′23″N 77°17′47″E / 11.47306°N 77.29639°E / 11.47306; 77.29639
StatusIn use
Owner(s)Government of Tamil Nadu
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsBhavani River


It was constructed by Kongalvan Vettuva Urali Gounder King in the year 1125 AD.[2][3] Creating the dam consisted of carving a 20-foot wall of rock. The stones were then interlocked with iron bars and lead was used as mortar. These features, however, are not visible except in the dry season when the water level in the river drops considerably.[4]


The dam is built on the Bhavani river. Two channels arise from the dam, Arakkankottai on the northern side of Bhavani river and Thadapalli on the southern side.[5][6] Lands north of Gobichettipalayam are irrigated by Thadapalli channel and cultivation of sugarcane and paddies are predominant in this area. The dam irrigates an area of 24,504 acres (9,916 ha).[7]


The dam is a popular tourist spot. The park, associated play area and coracle rides are the main attractions.[8]

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