Koddiyar fort (Tamil: கொட்டியாரக் கோட்டை, romanized: Koṭṭiyārak Kōṭṭai; Sinhala: කොඩ්ඩියාර් බලකොටුව Koddiyar Balakotuwa) was the first fort that was built by Dutch in Ceylon.[1][2] It was constructed in 1622 and is located on the southern side of Koddiyar Bay (Koddiyar means 'fort by the river'). Other names for it include Kinnia, Muttur, and Sampoor.[3]

Koddiyar fort
Part of Trincomalee
Muttur, Sri Lanka
Koddiyar fort is located in Sri Lanka
Koddiyar fort
Koddiyar fort
Coordinates8°27′45″N 81°15′39″E / 8.462363°N 81.260955°E / 8.462363; 81.260955
TypeDefence fort
Site information
Site history
Built byDutch

Kandyan king Senarat granted permission to build a fort in Koddiyar (now known as Muttur) due a treaty between the king and the Dutch. The treaty had a purpose of get rid of the Portuguese from the country. However, Portuguese destroyed the partly built fort since they had control in Trincomalee area including Koddiyar. Later, the Dutch defeated the Portuguese in the island, and Koddiyar fort was rebuilt and strengthened in 1658.[4]

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