Kobe (given name)

Kobe (Hebrew: קובי, romanizedKóbi; Greek: Κόμπε, romanizedKómpe; Japanese: 神戸, romanizedKōbe) is a unisex given name that has multiple origins and meanings. Origins include Hebrew, Dutch, Swahili, Japanese and Greek origins. Alternate spellings of this name are Coby, Koby, Kobi, Colby, and Cobe.

Pronunciation/ˈkb/ KOH-bee
Language(s)English, Greek, Hebrew, Dutch, Swahili, Latin, Japanese
Name day25 July[1]
Word/nameAncient Hebrew, Early common era Japan
MeaningSupplanter, God's door, God may protect, tortoise etc.
Other names
Alternative spellingCoby
See alsoKobe Bryant, Kobe (disambiguation)


The first known use of the name was in Biblical times when the name "Koby" was used as a pet-name for Jacob. The Hebrew meaning is rooted to the words Yakov (Jacob) meaning "Yahweh (God) may protect.[citation needed] It can also be translated to "Supplanter", Held by the heel, leg puller and heel-grabber from the late Latin word "Iacobus" which is rooted to the Greek lakobos (Ἰάκωβος) which is connected to the base name Jacob[2] and used as a diminutive (nickname) form for Jacob.[3]

The Swahili meaning of the name Kobe translate to "tortoise" or "turtle".[4][5] The Dutch meaning is similar to the Hebrew meaning but the name is a diminutive for Jakob instead of Jacob.[6]


Kobe Bryant

The use of the name has spiked with the popularity of American basketball player Kobe Bryant, with 14,000 children being given the name over his 20-year NBA career.[7] He was named after the Japanese dish Kobe beef when his parents spotted it on a menu.[8] Between 1985 and 1995 there were only 14 recorded births in the United States given this name. Later, there were 87 born with this name in the year of 1996 alone, the year in which Bryant was drafted into the NBA.[citation needed] According to the United states social security statistics from 2000 to 2018 it has declined in popularity in the United States, starting in the top 300, but down to 574th most common name in 2018.[9] The gender of this name is 98.02% male and 1.98% female.

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