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Košice–Bohumín Railway

Český Těšín railway station

The Košice–Bohumín Railway (Czech: Košicko-bohumínská dráha, Slovak: Košicko-bohumínska železnica, Polish: Kolej koszycko-bogumińska, German: Kaschau-Oderberger Bahn, Hungarian: Kassa-Oderbergi Vasút) can refer to:

  • originally: A private railway company established in 1869 in Austria-Hungary. In 1924 the company was nationalised and put under the Czechoslovak State Railways.
  • nowadays: The main track of this company (between Košice and Bohumín). The Košice-Bohumín track connected the industrial area of Silesia with the city of Košice in what is now eastern Slovakia. It was completed in 1872.

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