Knock Out (Gottlieb pinball)

Knock Out is a pinball machine designed by Harry Mabs and released by Gottlieb in March 19 1950. The game was marketed with the slogan: "Uproarious Slam-Bang Animation in a Real Ring on the Playfield".[1] It should not to be confused with Knockout by Bally from 1974.[2]

Knock Out
ManufacturerD. Gottlieb & Co.
Release dateDecember, 1950
DesignHarry Mabs
ArtworkRoy Parker
Production run3,000


Knock Out is considered one of the best of the classic Gottlieb woodrail era. The machine has well made artwork and a mechanical animation of two boxers and a referee inside a boxing ring on the playfield. If a knockout is achieved, one of the boxers goes down and the referee counts him down.[3][4]


A knockout can be achieved by completing the 1 through 5 bumpers scores or hitting the 1-3 and 3-5 targets, as well as the left and right lanes and the rollover button, when lit. When each ball is plunged into play, the blocking gate between the flippers is activated and remains in place until each ball achieves 300k points. By rolling through the right or left lane twice, the big money shot is lighting the right and lift saucers for 500k. Once lit, the saucers remain lit until the end of the game. It is possible to win a replay by completing a certain number of knock outs (10 to 13), selectable by the operator.[3][4]

Design teamEdit

  • Concept: Harry Mabs
  • Game Design: Harry Mabs
  • Mechanics: Harry Mabs
  • Artwork: Roy Parker
  • Animation: Harry Mabs

Digital versionEdit

The table was virtually recreated in pinball simulation video game, Microsoft Pinball Arcade.


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