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Knave (magazine)

Knave magazine is a long-established British pornographic magazine, published by Galaxy Publications. Originally launched in 1968, it is the upmarket sister publication of Fiesta magazine. Mary Millington modelled for the magazine in 1974, prior to her exclusive signing to work for David Sullivan's magazines.[1]

Along with many other adult magazines, Knave has published the works of popular authors, including Harlan Ellison. Ellison's short story "The Pied Piper of Sex"[2] was first published in the March 1959 issue under the name Paul Merchant, whilst "The Man with the Green Nose", also known as "Survivor No. 1", and co-written with Henry Slesar, first appeared in the September 1959 issue.[3] Other people to have been published at Knave include Kim Newman, Dave Langford,[4] and Neil Gaiman.[5] Gaiman's early short stories, including "We Can Get Them For You Wholesale", were published within the magazine;[6] he also worked at the magazine in many roles, including celebrity interviewer and book reviewer.[7] Gaiman began work at the magazine in 1984 but left in the late 80s because an editorial change resulted in the magazine concentrating more heavily on pornographic content.[7]

Eric Fuller, credited by The Guardian as "the man behind the success of Dennis Publishing's lad-mag, Maxim", also worked for the magazine for a time.[8]

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