Knave (American magazine)

Knave was a short-lived American men's magazine which was published in 1959 in White Plains, New York by Loki Publishing. Edited by Harvey Willig and appearing on a bimonthly schedule commencing January 1959, Knave is noted for including stories by the American science fiction writer Harlan Ellison. Ellison's short story "The Pied Piper of Love"[1] was first published in the March 1959 issue, whilst "The Man with the Green Nose", also known as "Survivor No. 1", and co-written with Henry Slesar, first appeared in the September 1959 issue.[2]

Knave magazine, January 1959
CategoriesMen's magazine
First issue1959; 65 years ago (1959)
Final issue1959
CompanyLoki publishing
CountryUnited States


  1. ^ The work has also appeared in print titled "An Episode of Sunbather" and "The Pied Piper of Sex", the latter as by Paul Merchant.
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