Klondike Adventure is a 1982 video game published by SoftSide for the Atari 8-bit family. It was the February 1982 Adventure of the Month, and the ninth in the series.[1]

Klondike Adventure
Game of the Month ad
Publisher(s)Softside Publications
Designer(s)James Bash
SeriesAdventure of the Month
Platform(s)Atari 8-bit[2]
ReleaseFebruary 1982[1]

Contents edit

Klondike Adventure is a text-based adventure game in which the player must recover five missing treasures from the arctic.[3]

Reception edit

Bruce Campbell reviewed Klondike Adventure in The Space Gamer No. 61.[3] Campbell commented that "I enjoyed the unique setting as well as the puzzles presented by Klondike. [...] For a relatively simple adventure, Klondike is a good buy. If you get stuck, try yelling."[3]

References edit

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