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Kjell Arne Bratli (born 25 August 1948), Parliamentary Commissioner for the Norwegian Armed Forces 2006-2014. Military officer and author. Captain RNoN. Served at sea, land and in special service. In the 1980s he travelled behind Soviet lines in Afghanistan. Captain Bratli played a key role in building Rapid Response Information Teams in the NATO Alliance and NATO APIC (Allied Press and Information Centres), as well as modernizing the Norwegian Navy P&I units. He is an active member of the Norwegian Reserve Officer Federation as well as in the CIOR (the NATO reservist organization). He is former editor in the daily press and military periodicals, a former Member of the Board of the Atlantic Committee and Member of DCAF Director´s Advisory Board. Bratli was appointed and served as special adviser to the Presidium of the Norwegian Parliament before being elected to the high office of Military Commissioner. He has written more than twenty books. Many about Military and Naval History, National Security, Christianity and Golf. In 2013 Bratli bought the Kurud estate, with a private golf course, Gjersjoen, near Oslo, Norway. Bratli is a member of the prestigious Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

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