Kivi (surname)

Kivi is an Estonian and Finnish surname meaning "stone" in both languages. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Aleksis Kivi (1834–1872), Finnish author
  • Antero Kivi (1904–1981), Finnish discus thrower
  • Eve Kivi (born 1938), Estonian actress
  • Iikka Kivi (born 1986), Finnish stand-up comedian and scriptwriter
  • Juha Kivi (born 1964), Finnish long jumper
  • Katrin Kivi (born 1967), Estonian diplomat
  • Karri Kivi (born 1970), Finnish ice hockey player and coach
  • Maarja Kivi (born 1986), Estonian musician, also known as Marya Roxx
  • Signe Kivi (born 1957), Estonian textile artist and politician

As a first nameEdit