Kiss FM, Kiss Radio or variants may refer to:




North AmericaEdit


  • Most Kiss FM in Canada is owned by Rogers Media
    • CHUR-FM, branded as "KiSS 100.5", in North Bay, Ontario
    • CISS-FM, branded as "KiSS 105.3", in Ottawa, Ontario
    • CHAS-FM, branded as "KiSS 100.5", in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
    • CJMX-FM, branded as "KiSS 105.3", in Sudbury, Ontario
    • CKGB-FM, branded as "KiSS 99.3", in Timmins, Ontario
    • CKIS-FM, branded as "KiSS 92.5", in Toronto, Ontario
    • CHFM-FM, formerly known as "KiSS 95.9", in Calgary, Alberta
    • CFRV-FM, branded as "KiSS 107.7", in Lethbridge, Alberta
    • CKY-FM, branded as "KiSS 102.3", in Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • CKKS-FM, branded as "KiSS RADiO", in Chilliwack, British Columbia
    • CHTT-FM, formerly branded as "KiSS 103.1", in Victoria, British Columbia
    • CHBN-FM, branded as "KiSS 91.7", in Edmonton, Alberta
  • CHMX-FM, formerly known as "Kiss 92 FM", in Regina, Saskatchewan (owned by Harvard Broadcasting)
  • CKIZ-FM, formerly known as "107.5 Kiss FM", in Vernon, British Columbia (owned by Jim Pattison Group)

United StatesEdit

  • KISS-FM (brand), a brand name used by Top 40 stations, several of which owned by iHeartMedia
    • KHKS-FM, better known as "106.1 KISS-FM", in Dallas
    • KIIS-FM, also known as "102.7 KIIS-FM", Top 40 station (owned by iHeartMedia as its flagship "KISS-FM" brand)
    • KKDM, also known as "Kiss 1075", in Des Moines, Iowa
    • KSME, better known as "96.1 Kiss FM" in Greeley, Colorado
    • KUUL, also known as "101.3 KISS FM" in East Moline, Illinois
    • KWNW, branded as "101.9 Kiss FM"; licensed in Crawfordsville, Arkansas, and broadcasting in Memphis, Tennessee
    • KZZP, better known as "104.7 Kiss-FM", in Phoenix, Arizona
    • WAEV-FM, better known as "97.3 KISSFM", in Savannah, Georgia
    • WAKS, also known as "96.5 KISS-FM", in Cleveland, Ohio
    • WFKS, also known as "Kiss 95.1", in Melbourne, Florida
    • WKFS, also known as "Kiss 107", in Cincinnati, Ohio
    • WKSC-FM, also known as "103.5 KISS FM", in Chicago, Illinois
    • WKSS, also known as "Kiss 95.7", in Hartford, Connecticut
    • WKST-FM, also known as "96.1 Kiss", in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • WPIA, better known as "98.5 Kiss FM", in Peoria, Illinois (owned by Independence Media; uses the KISS FM logo under license from iHeartMedia)
    • WVKS, also known as "92.5 KISS-FM", in Toledo, Ohio
    • WXKS-FM, better known as "Kiss 108", in Boston - America's original KISS
  • KCRS-FM "103-3 Kiss FM" in Midland/Odessa, Texas (owned by ICA)
  • KISS-FM, "Kiss Rocks 99.5 FM", in San Antonio, Texas (owned by Cox Radio)
  • KKSS "Kiss 97.3" in Santa Fe, New Mexico (owned by American General Media)
  • KTRS-FM, better as "104.7 Kiss FM", in Casper, Wyoming (owned by Townsquare Media)
  • KXSS-FM "96.9 Kiss-FM" in Amarillo, Texas (owned by Townsquare Media)
  • KZII "102.5 Kiss-FM" in Lubbock, Texas (owned by Townsquare Media)
  • WDMK, better known as "105.9 Kiss FM" in Detroit, Michigan (owned by Radio One)
  • WKSE, "Kiss 98.5", in Buffalo, New York (owned by Audacy)
  • WMKS, formerly known as "100.3 Kiss FM" in High Point, North Carolina (owned by iHeartRadio)
  • WNKS, "Kiss 95.1", in Charlotte, North Carolina (owned by the Beasley Broadcast Group)
  • WRKS (now WEPN), better known as "98.7 Kiss FM", former legendary soul and R&B station in New York City (owned by Emmis Communications)
  • WSKU, better known as "105.5 Kiss-FM", in Utica, New York (owned by Roser Communications Network)
  • WXSS, better known as "103.7 Kiss FM", in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (owned by Audacy)
  • WLYK, known as "Kiss 102.7", in Cape Vincent, New York, targeting Kingston, Canada (owned by Rogers Media)
  • KKST, known as "Kiss 98.7", in Alexandria, Louisiana (owned by Cenla Broadcasting)