Kiseki No Hoshi Greenhouse

The Kiseki No Hoshi Greenhouse (奇跡の星の植物館, Kiseki no Hoshi no Shokubutsukan, 6,700 m²), also known as the Miracle Planet Museum of Plants, is a botanical garden within a greenhouse located at Yumebutai 4 Banchi, Higashiura-cho, Tsuna, Awaji, Hyōgo, Japan. It is open most days; an admission fee is charged.

Kiseki No Hoshi Greenhouse

The greenhouse opened in 2000, and contains a fern room, an atrium with small gardens, and five additional rooms as follows:

  • Plants Gallery - succulent plants with art objects
  • Tropical Garden
  • New Lifestyle with Plants - various styles of Japanese gardens
  • Healing Garden - nature and art
  • Flower Show Space - space for floral exhibits (1,000 m²)

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Coordinates: 34°33′42.4″N 135°0′30.3″E / 34.561778°N 135.008417°E / 34.561778; 135.008417