Kirite (キ リ テ), officially typeset kiЯitɘ (see album art), is a 2005 album composed by Yasunori Mitsuda based on The Five Seasons of Kirite, a story by Masato Kato. Unlike their other previous major collaborations like Chrono Trigger, Xenogears and Chrono Cross, Kirite was never developed and published as a video game, but published as musical album bundled with Masato Kato's story text in Japanese and a collection of artistic nature photographs. The music of Kirite incorporates Celtic music, jazz and ambient noise influences.

Studio album by
ReleasedMay 18, 2005
LabelSleigh Bells
ProducerYasunori Mitsuda
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"The Five Seasons of Kirite" by Masato Kato set inside a world of magic and fantasy, tells the story of a boy by the name Kirite, a girl by the name Kotonoha and a darkness by the name Orochi. When those three would meet, the world would silently start to go mad.


Yasunori Mitsuda and Masato Kato devised the concept of Kirite in 2003.[1]

Track listingEdit

1."Is Kirite Burning?" 4:25
2."The Market in Volfinor" 4:28
3."Promise with Winds - Petal's Whereabouts"Junko Kudo4:51
4."The Forest of Lapis Lazuli" 3:19
5."The Azure"Junko Kudo5:27
6."Scorning Blade" 3:53
7."Upon the Melodies of the Moon"Eri Kawai2:02
8."The Fall of Darkness" 2:58
9."Nocturne" 2:33
10."As Autumn Passes Away" 3:40
11."The Snow Howling" 3:29
12."Prayer Tree" 2:10
13."The Name of Our Hope"Junko Kudo4:53
14."Circle of Eternity" 1:32



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