Kinphonic is UK based record label, founded in 2015 by Tommie Keeston.[1][2][3][4] It also specializes in bookings, publishing, record distribution, management, merchandise and graphic design.[2]

Kinphonic logo.png
FoundedMarch 2015
FounderTommie Keeston
Country of originUnited Kingdom


The following labels are owned or licensed by Kinphonic.[5]

  • KINFree


Kinphonic [6]Edit

Year Title Artist(s) Genre
2015 Love Me Kredo Electronica, Downtempo
2015 All This Time Fox Stevenson Drum & Bass
2015 Taking Over (ft. Miyoki) Rob Gasser, Miyoki Drum & Bass
2015 Ready To Beat The Brig Electro House
2015 Trap Lord Dance STEREOLiEZ Dubstep
2015 Death Mode (ft. GRAVITY) Tisoki, GRAVITY Glitch Hop
2015 Gully Sully Jarvis, Re:Flex Dubstep
2015 Blood Rave xKore Dubstep
2015 Round The World The Brig Dubstep
2015 Puppet The Brig Dubstep
2015 Sensei Soberts Dubstep
2015 Re Animator Creation Dubstep
2015 Green Card The Brig Dubstep
2015 Enemy No. 1 Ivory Dubstep
2015 Outta Cage Evolve, Subsonic, SampliFire Dubstep
2015 String Attack Flakzz, Aryaxz Dubstep
2015 Massacre Murda Dubstep
2015 The Don (ft. MAGMAG) Lord Swan3x, MagMag Dubstep
2016 Imagination Michael White Electro House
2016 Black Ice Basstrick Dubstep
2016 Shimmy Prismatic Dubstep
2016 Dead (ft. Gravity) xKore Dubstep
2016 Bad Guys (ft. Mikey Ceaser) Ray Volpe, Mikey Ceaser Dubstep
2016 Ruffest Sound Around xKore Dubstep
2016 No Rules La Musique d'Ordinateur, Against the Waves, Gioser Electro House
2016 Funky Rave Michael White Electro House
2016 Charge Rob Gasser Electro House
2016 Falling Gioser, Roy Monsta Electro House
2016 Losing Touch Tonal Law Electro House
2016 Cucu Gioser Dubstep
2016 Svmple Fvnk Rob Gasser Dubstep
2016 Dark Side Wiguez Dubstep
2016 Set Me Fre Kredo Deep House
2016 Memories Madeforme Electronica, Downtempo
2016 Come Lay With Me Kredo Electronica, Downtempo
2016 Mayhem La Musique d'Ordinateur Breaks
2016 Tap Out (ft. Dubskie) Bone, La Musique d'Ordinateur, Dubskie Dubstep
2016 Go HAM (ft. Problem Child) Problem Child, La Musique d'Ordinateur, Gioser Dubstep
2017 Intro Eluun Electronica, Downtempo
2017 New Life Eluun Electronica, Downtempo
2017 31 Days Eluun Electronica, Downtempo
2017 This Is A Story Eluun Electronica, Downtempo
2017 Introspection Vertigineuse Eluun Electronica, Downtempo
2017 Little Sweetness Eluun Electronica, Downtempo
2017 Funky Uncle Fox Stevenson Future House
2017 Bad Boy Sonny Banks House
2017 Solidifed STEREOLiEZ Electro House
2017 Action Gioser Electro House
2017 Low La Musique d'Ordinateur Electro House
2017 Back In It La Musique d'Ordinateur, Erotic Café Electro House
2017 Alluma High Beggars Dubstep
2017 Hypemachine Rob Gasser Dubstep
2017 Things Madeforme Electronica, Downtempo
2017 D Deep Razat Dubstep
2017 Nine Roses Wiguez Drum & Bass
2017 Distorted Minds Wydron Electronica, Downtempo
2017 Baddest Gabriele Giudici Electro House
2018 Get Ready xKore, Erotic Cafe Drum & Bass
2018 Mine KenKode Electronica, Downtempo
2018 Moan KenKode Electronica, Downtempo
2018 Night Slave KenKode Electronica, Downtempo
2018 Spaghettification KenKode Electronica, Downtempo
2018 The Out Low Erotic Cafe Electro House
2018 Stay Back Eluun Electro House
2018 Lock Bass MPV, Gioser Electro House
2018 Into U Gioser Electro House
2018 Bang Gioser Electro House
2018 RuffNeck WB x MB Dubstep
2018 Hits Blunt BOARCROK Dubstep
2018 Praimfaya Kris Cayden Dubstep
2018 Destroy Everything Venon, Nvikto Dubstep
2018 One For The Trouble Soberts Dubstep
2018 Land Of Hollows RYVI Dubstep
2018 Jazzin Flakzz, Aryaxz Dubstep
2018 Green Monstah Braindeath, Ric Waves Dubstep
2018 Despair Flakzz Dubstep
2018 Digital Life Eluun Electro House
2018 I Need You Eluun Future Bass
2018 Good Deal KG Man, Erotic Cafe Future Bass
2018 Too Slow For Dance The Brig Electro House
2018 Tide Kredo Techno
2018 Chiasma Kredo Groove, Jackin' House
2018 Doghouse La Musique d'Ordinateur Future House
2018 Space Stage Eluun Dubstep
2018 Murph Kredo Soul, Disco
2018 Tantrum Kredo Soul, Disco
2018 Predator WB x MB Dubstep
2018 Carry On Rhodz Electro House
2018 Mood Jake Rello Future House


Year Title Artist(s) Genre
2016 Moon Shoes Konstellation Electronica, Downtempo
2016 Resuffer Wydron Dubstep
2016 Riot La Musique d'Ordinateur, Basstrick Breaks
2016 Lucid Dreams Holly, TODIEFOR Dubstep
2016 Close To You Mix Wistful, WTN3 Electronica, Downtempo
2016 Sun Holly, Razat Dubstep
2016 Colours Chime Dubstep
2016 Never Again madeforme Electronica, Downtempo
2016 Getting There Holly, TODIEFOR Glitch Hop
2016 Fly Wiguez Trap
2016 2 Late Now Holly, Ponicz Dubstep
2016 Turn Up The Bass Tonal Law Breaks
2016 Dark Side VIP Wiguez Dubstep
2017 Don't Miss Me Farisha, Baehem Electronica, Downtempo
2017 Daydreamer MYLK Electronica, Downtempo
2017 Blind Eyes Syrebral Dubstep
2017 SMILEY StereoLiez, High Beggars Hip-Hop, R&B
2017 Left Behind Frost Trap
2017 Bad Mind Emme, KG Man, Erotic Cafe Trap
2017 Without You Subsurface, Reese Redwood Dance
2017 Skill Of A God Wydron, Backchat Dubstep
2017 Dream Away Konstellation, dolltr!ck Dubstep
2017 Duality ZWZ Dubstep
2017 Hold Up (Your Light) Voodoo Nation Dance


Year Title Artist(s) Genre
2017 Figures Gioser Electro house
2017 In The Club Boiria Electro house
2017 Jet Lag Blansh, Usica Electro house
2017 Deranged Holly, Rettchit Future house
2018 The Hunter Spojaz Hard Dance
2018 Way Up MNYKR Future House
2018 Brain Fulbset Electro house
2018 Chemicals Psychospeak, Chemistry Dubstep
2018 Runnin Kaiba Trap, Future Bass
2018 Konichiwa Kaiba Dubstep
2018 Monster Kaiba Trap, Future Bass
2018 Polkadots Kaiba Trap, Future Bass
2018 Similar Things Ben Lepper, Heavy Pulse Drum & Bass
2018 Dokyo Vanger Trap, Future Bass
2018 OMG Venz, Sickbeatz Future House
2018 Your Eyes Lekler Electro house


Year Album's Name Artist(s) Catalog
2015 We Are Kin, Vol. 1 Various KIN001
2015 Heavyweight, Vol.1 Various KIN004
2016 Kinfree, Vol. 1 Various KIN005
2017 We Are Kin Vol. 2 Various KIN008
2018 Heavyweight Vol.2 Various KIN016

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