The Kingdom of Gulmi (Nepali: गुल्मी राज्य) was a petty kingdom in the confederation of 24 states known as Chaubisi Rajya.[1] Gulmi was part of the Kingdom of Palpa but it became independent, and it later became part of Nepal in 1806.[2]

Kingdom of Gulmi
Nepali: गुल्मी
Historical eraChaubisi Rajyas
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Nepal
Today part ofNepal

List of Kings edit

# Name Reign Notes Ref.
1 Rana keshar kaucha Rana

Dhanpati keshar kaucha Rana


References edit

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References Ramaniya Pavitra Resunga in Nepali language (Wonderful Mountain Resunga) 2020 author Krishna Bahadur Kunwar (in Gulmi rajya, there are lots of information)