King Mellow Yellow

King Mellow Yellow (born in Kingston, Jamaica) was a Jamaican Dancehall DJ. Being one of three popular albino DJs in the 1980s (Yellowman, Purpleman and King Mellow Yellow), in song, he often referred to himself as "The Yellow Hands".

King Mellow Yellow
Also known asThe Yellow Hands
GenresReggae, dancehall
OccupationsMusician, songwriter
Years active1982–present


In 1981, King Mellow Yellow began recording his first album. It released one year later in 1982 in Jamaica on the Jamrock label. Later that year, he released King Mellow Yellow Meet Yellowman, a clash album with another albino DJ Yellowman. In 1983 and 1984, Mellow Yellow released more singles with other artists and by himself. Some of those artists include Sammy Dread and Fathead.

12" DiscosEdit

Name Year Label
Butter Move 1983 Entertainment
Dread Buffalo Soldier 198X Jamrock
Herpes Doctor 198X Jamrock
Sanitation 1983 Black Fruit
Sitting on the Ritz 1983 Entertainment
Telephone Man (w/ Sammy Dread) 1984 Brown's Music Inc.
That's The Sound (w/ Fathead) 1984 Entertainment
Wha-Do-Dem-So (Dub Version of Above Song) 1984 Entertainment


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