King Cobras (gang)

The King Cobras are a prominent gang in New Zealand.

King Cobras
Founding locationAuckland, New Zealand
Years active1950s–present
Membership (est.)400[1]
Criminal activitiesDrug dealing, assault, murder
AlliesBloods, Crips, Black Power, Central Auckland street gangs


The King Cobras were founded in Ponsonby sometime in the 1950s by Samoans, making them the oldest patched gang in New Zealand. [2] Initially, it was restricted to include only Samoans but have since included other Polynesians.[2] The King Cobras claimed territory runs from Central Auckland down to Mangere, Papatoetoe and the Cobras have proven to be very violent in cases regarding territory.[3] The Cobras presence starts in the North Shore,[4] and travels as far down south as the Hutt Valley and Wellington region.[5] The Cobras have proven to be very violent and have been involved in major cases of drug dealing.[2]

Involvement in organised crimeEdit

The Cobras have had a history of possessing firearms,[6] and have been involved in the dealing of methamphetamine, cocaine,and marijuana.[7] In 2003, members of the King Cobras ran a large methamphetamine ring along with the Head Hunters in one of Aucklands biggest drug-cases.[8][9] The King Cobras have been involved in several murder cases, including that of a 15-year-old boy,[10] and the shooting of a rival gang member, as part of a membership process.[11]


The gang has chapters and presence across South, Central,[12] North[4] and West[7] Auckland, Hutt valley, Wellington[5] and Christchurch.[13]

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