King Ai of Chu

King Ai of Chu (Chinese: 楚哀王; pinyin: Chǔ Āi Wáng, died 228 BC), born Xiong You (Chinese: 熊猶), was a king of Chu during the late Warring States period of ancient China. He was the son of King Kaolie of Chu and full younger brother of King You of Chu.

Xiong You
King of Chu
Reign228 BC
Full name
Posthumous name
King Ai of Chu

Prince You succeeded his elder brother as king in 228 BC, but was murdered only two months later by the supporters of his elder half-brother Prince Fuchu. Prince Fuchu ascended the throne as king of Chu.


King Ai of Chu
 Died: 228 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by King of Chu
228 BC
Succeeded by