Kinesis (magazine)

Kinesis was a magazine published from 1974 to 2001, by Vancouver Status of Women,[1] in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Subtitled "news about women that's not in the dailies", it was published 10 times each year and carried news with a social change and feminist perspective.[1] It acted as a forum for queer, immigrant, anti-classist, anti-ablecentrist voices.

It was edited by

  • Emma Kivisild (1984–1986)
  • Esther Shannon (1986–1988)
  • Nancy Pollak (1988–1992)
  • Fatima Jaffer (1992–1994)[2]

Funding issues (Vancouver Status of Women was funded in part by government grants) and changes in editorial direction led to the shuttering of the magazine in 2001.[2]

Many issues of Kinesis are accessible online in the University of British Columbia Library's Digital Collections.


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