Killaloe, Queensland

Killaloe is a coastal rural locality in the Shire of Douglas, Queensland, Australia.[2] In the 2016 census, Killaloe had a population of 116 people.[1]

Killaloe is located in Queensland
Coordinates16°29′36″S 145°25′36″E / 16.4933°S 145.4266°E / -16.4933; 145.4266Coordinates: 16°29′36″S 145°25′36″E / 16.4933°S 145.4266°E / -16.4933; 145.4266
Population116 (2016 census)[1]
 • Density4.715/km2 (12.21/sq mi)
Area24.6 km2 (9.5 sq mi)
LGA(s)Shire of Douglas
State electorate(s)Cook
Federal Division(s)Leichhardt
Suburbs around Killaloe:
Bonnie Doon Coral Sea Coral Sea
Cassowary Killaloe Port Douglas
Cassowary Craiglie Port Douglas


The south-eastern boundary of the locality are Packers Creek and the Dickson Inlet whick lead to the Coral Sea, which forms the northern boundary of the locality. The Cassowary Range forms the south-western boundary of the locality. Numerous small creeks flow down from the range through the locality to the sea.[3]

The Captain Cook Highway and the cane tramway to the Mossman sugar mill pass through the locality from south-east to north-west. Most of the developed land occurs on either side of these transport routes and the predominant land use is the growing of sugarcane. The land closer to the coast is not developed.[3]

There is a waste transfer station on Killaloe Dump Road.[4]

Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture (Gold Coast Tiger Prawns) operate an aquaculture facility in Killaloe where they raise black tiger prawns. It is the most northerly prawn farm in Australia and the warm conditions allow harvesting from November, making this farm a major supplier for large prawns for the Christmas season.[5] Following an outbreak of white spot syndrome (a disease in prawns) in south-east Queensland in 2016, the company expanded its Killaloe operation.[6]


The locality was named and bounded on 8 September 2000.[2]


There are no schools in Killaloe, but there is a primary school in neighbouring Port Douglas. The nearest secondary school is Mossman State High School.[3]


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