Kilkenny Archaeological Society

The Kilkenny Archaeological Society is an archaeological society in County Kilkenny, Ireland.

Kilkenny Archaeological Society
Kilkenny Rothe House.JPG
Rothe House, headquarters of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society
Formation7 March 1946; 74 years ago (1946-03-07)
TypeFriendly society
PurposePromote history and archaeology of Kilkenny
HeadquartersRothe House
Region served
County Kilkenny
Pat Nolan


The Kilkenny Archaeological Society was founded in 1946.[1] An older society with the same name existed,[2] which developed into the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland.[3]

Rothe House is owned by the Kilkenny Archaeological Society and many of their collections are there, including their library and museum of local history.[4]

Old Kilkenny ReviewEdit

Old Kilkenny Review  
DisciplineArchaeology, History
Publication details
Kilkenny Archaeological Society (Ireland)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Old Kilkenny Rev.

The Kilkenny Archaeological Society publishes the Old Kilkenny Review, a historical journal which reviews County Kilkenny's history.[1]


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