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Kielce Voivodeship

Kielce Voivodeship (Polish: województwo kieleckie) is a former unit of administrative division and the local government in Poland. It was originally formed during Poland's return to independence in the aftermath of World War One, and recreated within the new Polish borders after the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War Two.[1]

Kielce Voivodeship
Historical divisions 1919–1998
Kielce Voivodship 1938.png
POL województwo kieleckie 1946.svg
Postwar Poland, 1946-1950
POL województwo kieleckie 1950.svg
POL województwo kieleckie 1975.svg



Kielce Voivodeship was a unit of administrative division and local government in Poland in years 1921-1939. Back then, it covered a large chunk of central part of the country, including such cities as Radom, Częstochowa and Sosnowiec. On April 1, 1938 its borders changed, see: Territorial changes of Polish Voivodeships on April 1, 1938).

After the change, Voivodeship's area was 22,204 square kilometers, with the population of 2,671,000. Between April 1, 1938 - September 1, 1939 it consisted of 18 powiats (counties). These were:

Capital city: Kielce. According to the 1931 Polish census, the largest cities in Kielce Voivodeship were:


Kielce Voivodeship was a unit of administrative division and local government in Poland in years 1945–1975. It was downsized in 1975, with parts of its territory going to Radom Voivodeship and partly Tarnobrzeg Voivodeship.

Capital city: Kielce


In years 1975–1998, superseded by Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.

Capital city: Kielce

Major cities and towns: (population in 1995):

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Coordinates: 50°52′10″N 20°37′43″E / 50.869358°N 20.628511°E / 50.869358; 20.628511