Kid-E-Cats (Russian: Три кота Tri kota, lit.'Three cats') is a Russian animated television series for preschoolers made by CTC Media[1] and Studio Metrafilms.[2]

RussianТри Кота
GenrePreschool, Animation, Fantasy
Created byDmitry Vysotsky
Written byDarina Shmidt
Dmitry Vysotsky
Country of originRussia
Original languageRussian
No. of seasons2 (3 in Russia)
No. of episodes156
Running time5 min.
DistributorAPC Kids
Original networkCTC
Nick Jr. Too
(United Kingdom) Milkshake!
Picture format16:9 HD
Audio formatStereo
Original release2015 (2015) –
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The television series has been launched in 148 countries on Nick Jr. since the end of November 2017.[3]


The series follows Cookie, Pudding and their little sister Candy. They like to play, eat sweets and investigate about things around them. Every day their inquisitive mind leads the three kittens to new adventures. With the wise advice of their caring parents, the kittens solve all the problems and everything always end well. With their friends Cupcake, Chase, Boris, Caddy, Sugarplum, Smudge, Mustard, Bow, Raisin Dart and Jerry, they have very fun and interesting times.

Many other cats live in the town. They all have different ways of doing things but it always comes to a common decision. Catspolis AKA Meowli City is a safe and peaceful place where little kittens under the care of their parents learn how to think and take decisions, empathize and be friends.

In every episode, Cookie, Candy and Pudding, along with Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa & Uncle Muffin, try to make the world a better place.



  • Cookie (Russian - Коржик (Shortbread / Korzhik) - (Voiced by Lori Gardner and Kate Bristol) - the most restless and hyperactive kitten. He is brave and the first one to propose bold ideas seeking to act only, he cannot focus of his attention on just one thing, and his mind flows, jumping from one to another proposal. He is keen on sports and likes outdoor games, such as football and badminton, and he is fond of archery, just like his grandma. He is the second kitten to be born in the family, and he is also the middle child.
  • Pudding (Russian - Компот (Compote)) - (Voiced by Billy Bob Thompson) an inquisitive and very knowledgeable kitten for his age. He reads a lot but since he is just a kitten, his knowledge is purely theoretical. He collects puzzles, reads riddles, and can even beat Mommy Cat in checkers. Just like his name, he is a bit chubby. He is keen on sweets and you can always find a lot of them in his pockets. He is the eldest kitten in the family, but everyone takes care of him.
  • Candy (Russian - Карамелька (Caramel)) - (Voiced by Kate Bristol) is the youngest child and family member, but the most sensible among the kittens. She is smart by nature when it comes to practical things. Girlie among elderly brothers, she is quite a lot smaller than they are. However, this family “runt” is more mature and emotionally smarter than the boys are (and sometimes even more than the adults!). Having subconscious worldly wisdom very often it is Candy who finds a way out of difficult situations. It happens that copying the mother's behavior, she educates and reconciles the brothers. Her key phrase is "I know what to do!".
  • Dad / Daddy - (Voiced by Marc Thompson) is the father of the Kid-E-Cats. He works at the candy shop and he is always very clumsy.
  • Mom / Mommy - (Voiced by Erica Schroeder) is the mother of the Kid-E-Cats. She's always cooking up food.
  • Grandma / Granny - (Voiced by Erica Schroeder) is the grandmother of the Kid-E-Cats, she likes cooking and according to the Season 1 episode Treasure, she liked playing as a kid.
  • Grandpa - (Voiced by Tom Wayland) is the grandfather of the Kid-E-Cats, according to the Season 1 episode Kittens go Diving AKA Diving Lesson, he is Dad’s father.
  • Uncle Muffin (Russian - Дядя Кекс (Dyadya Keks)) - (Voiced by Wayne Grayson) is the uncle of the Kid-E-Cats, he is Dad’s brother, and he is extremely educated.
  • Aunt Cinnamon (Russian - Тётя Корица (Tyotya Koritsa)) - (Voiced by Lori Gardner) is the cats' aunt.


  • Boris (Russian - Нудик (Tedious/Nudik)) - (Voiced by Tom Wayland) is a gray cat who is one of the Kid-E-Cats’ friends, and likes circus culture and being a clown.
  • Cupcake (Russian - Лапочка (Honey/Lapochka)) - (Voiced by Erica Schroeder) is a pink cat who one of the Kid-E-Cats’ friends. She likes beautiful and pretty things.
  • Smudge (Russian - Сажик (Soot/Sajik)) - (Voiced by Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld) is a black cat. He is one of the Kid-E-Cats’ friends, and likes scary and horrifying things.
  • Chase (Russian - Гоша (Gosha)) - (Voiced by Erica Schroeder) is a black and white cat. He is another one of the Kid-E-Cats’ friends, and he likes space/galaxy culture.
  • Dart (Russian - Шуруп (Screw/Shurup) - (Voiced by Erica Schroeder) is a red cat. He is one of the Kid-E-Cats’ friends, and likes math. Albert Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC^2, is even seen on his jumper.
  • Mustard (Russian - Горчица (Gorchitsa)) - (Voiced by Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld) is a violet cat and she is one of the Kid-E-Cats’ friends. She likes sweets. Sometimes, she could be angry and in a low mood.
  • Bow (Russian - Бантик (Bantik)) - (Voiced by Tom Wayland) is a blue cat, he is one of the Kid-E-Cats' friends and likes fairy tales and music . He is similar to Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball. Because he is other than Doraemon that have no ears.
  • Raisin (Russian - Изюм (Izyum)) - (Voiced by Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld) is a yellow cat, one of the Kid-E-Cats' friends and he likes painting.


  • Cupcake's Mother - (voiced by Kate Bristol) is Cupcake's mother. She is a pianist and teaches playing piano to Candy.
  • Cupcake's Father - is Cupcake's father. He appears in episode "Dance".
  • Smudge's father - is Smudge's father. He is a builder.
  • Chase's mother - (voiced by Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld) is Chase's mother, and she works in a shop.
  • Chase's dad - (voiced by Marc Thompson) is Chase's dad. He is a coach.
  • Dart's dad - (voiced by Marc Thompson) is Dart's father. With Dart, They work as firefighters.

Ft. CharactersEdit

  • Santiago - (voiced by Billy Bob Thompson)
  • Police - (voiced by Tom Wayland)
  • Female pastry - (voiced by Laurie Hymes)
  • Stewardess - (voiced by Kate Bristol)
  • Lady Cat - (voiced by Tom Wayland)
  • TV Narrator - (voiced by Lori Gardner)
  • Merchandise voice - (voiced by Tom Wayland)
  • Bagel - the Kid-E-Cats' cousin.


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