Khodiyar Dam

The Khodiyar Dam is a dam built on Shetrunji River in Gujarat in western India. The primary purpose of the dam is to provide water for irrigation. It was completed in 1967 and a canal off the reservoir's right bank was completed the next year. The 36.27 m (119 ft) tall earthen dam has a concrete gravity section which serves as the service spillway and an emergency spillway is located on its right bank.[1]

Khodiyar Dam
Official nameIrrigation Sub division No-4 Amreli. Hiren Vaja Section Officer
LocationDhari, Gujarat
Coordinates21°21′25″N 71°2′45″E / 21.35694°N 71.04583°E / 21.35694; 71.04583Coordinates: 21°21′25″N 71°2′45″E / 21.35694°N 71.04583°E / 21.35694; 71.04583
Construction began1958
Opening date1967
Construction cost₹ 187.67 lac
Owner(s)Government of Gujarat
Dam and spillways
Type of damEmbankment/gravity composite
Height (foundation)36.27 m (119 ft)
Length497 m (1,631 ft)
Dam volume167,000 m3 (218,428 cu yd)
Spillway typeOgee, gated
Spillway capacity2,409 m3/s (85,073 cu ft/s)
Total capacity32,220,000 m3 (26,121 acre⋅ft)
Catchment area383 km2 (148 sq mi)


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