Khan Sulayman Pasha

Khan Sulayman Pasha (Arabic: خَان سُلَيْمَان بَاشَا, romanizedKhān Sulaymān Bāşā) is a large khan in the Old City of Damascus.[1]

Khan Sulayman Pasha
خَان سُلَيْمَان بَاشَا
Alternative namesKhan al-Hamasina
General information
Architectural styleOttoman
LocationDamascus, Syria
AddressAl-Buzuriyah Souq
Coordinates33°30′30.25″N 36°18′20.5″E / 33.5084028°N 36.305694°E / 33.5084028; 36.305694Coordinates: 33°30′30.25″N 36°18′20.5″E / 33.5084028°N 36.305694°E / 33.5084028; 36.305694
Construction started1732
ClientSulayman Pasha al-Azm
Technical details
Floor count2

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