Khaldah (Arabic: خلدة‎) is a coastal town located 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) south of Beirut, Lebanon. It is famous as a tourist destination in the summer, especially for its various beach resorts.

The southern portion of Beirut International Airport is located in Khaldah, in addition to a Lebanese Air Force base. Also, the motorway connecting Beirut and Southern Lebanon passes through Khaldah. The town itself lacks any form of urban planning, and in the past few years, most of the green areas have been replaced by commercial and apartment buildings. Some vegetables and citrus trees can still be seen growing in smaller and dispersed areas. As for industries, there are aluminum and glass factories in this area.

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Besides commerce and industries, Khaldah also houses educational institutions such as one University and two Schools.


Archeological excavations, now covered over, evidence that the site has been occupied since at least the beginning of the first millennium BC. A few kilometers south of Khaldah is Khan Khaldah, where a major Roman-Byzantine settlement once existed. Here, two 5th and 6th century AD Christian basilicas were found, one built over the other and both were paved with mosaics.

Another important landmark is the Dar Khaldah (or "Khaldah Palace"), which serves as the private residence of Druze Prince Talal Arslan from the leading Arslan family.

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Coordinates: 33°47′N 35°29′E / 33.783°N 35.483°E / 33.783; 35.483