Khaemwaset (20th dynasty)

Khaemwaset or Khaemwase was an ancient Egyptian prince, a son of Pharaoh Ramesses III. His name can also be found as Ramesses Khaemwaset.[1]

Khaemwaset and RamsesIII.jpg
Khaemwaset (right) with his father Ramesses III.
Dynasty20th Dynasty
PharaohRamesses III, Ramesses IV
FatherRamesses III


Era: New Kingdom
(1550–1069 BC)
Egyptian hieroglyphs

Like many of his brothers, he was named after a son of Ramesses II, Khaemwaset, and like the 19th dynasty Khaemwaset, he was a priest of Ptah in Memphis (though, unlike his namesake, not the high priest, only a sem-priest).[2] He is depicted in his father's temple at Medinet Habu.[1] Both Khaemwaset and his brother Pareherwenemef are mentioned as Eldest King's Son, which probably means that they were firstborn sons of different mothers.[3]

His well preserved tomb, QV44 (in the Valley of the Queens) was excavated by Italian archaeologists in 1903-1904.[4] A canopic jar of his is now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo; his sarcophagus and probable mummy is in the Museo Egizio Turin.[5] He outlived his father and was buried under the reign of his brother Ramesses IV, since the text on the sarcophagus mentions Ramesses IV.[4]


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