Khadem Beg Talish

Khadem Beg Talish (Persian: خادم بیگ تالش‎) (died 1514) was a Sufi and military commander of Talysh origin, who served the Safavid order, and later the dynasty established by the order, the Safavid dynasty. Khadem Beg was a retainer of Soltan Ali Safavi and his brother Ismail Mirza, when they were child,[1] and an important advisor to the Shah Ismail (r. 1501–1524).[2]

Khadem Beg Talish
Governor of Baghdad
In office
MonarchIsmail I
Personal details
Died23 August 1514
Chaldoran, Safavid Empire
Cause of deathKilled in action
Resting placeArdebil, Iran

He died in Battle of Chaldiran.[1]


Khadem Beg served in many of the campaigns of Shah Ismail, especially in one against Arabian Iraq.[1] In 1508, the Shah conquered Baghdad and made him as first governor of Baghdad and the whole province, an office which included the task of supervising the Holy shrine of Karbala.[3][4] Before holding governorship of Baghdad, he was Amir-e Divan (later called Divan-beigi) of the Safavid Empire.[5]

He also held the position of Khalifat al-Khulafa [fa] of Safavid order from 1498.[6]


Yadegar Ali Sultan Talish, Khadem Beg's grandson, became Khalifat al-Khulafa for a brief in 1626–1627 and succeeded by his son, Badr Khan Sultan Talish.[7]

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Religious titles
Preceded by
Khalifat al-Khulafa [fa] of Safavid order
Succeeded by
Legal offices
New title Amir-e Divan
Succeeded by
Beiram Beg Qaramanlu
Political offices
Preceded by
Barik Beg Purnak
as Aq Qoyunlu governor
Governor of Baghdad
Title next held by
Seyyed Suleiman