Khabeeruddin Ahmed

Khabeeruddin Ahmed (also spelled Kabeeruddin, Kabiruddin or K. Ahmed; 1870 – March 1939) was a politician, lawyer, and a member of Central Legislative Assembly of British India.[1][2] He was a founding member of the all India independent Democratic Party,[3] and later became a leader of the All-India Muslim League.[4]

Khabeeruddin Ahmed
খাবীরুদ্দিন আহমেদ
A view of Khabeeruddin Ahmed's face in 1930
Khabeeruddin Ahmed (1870-1939)
Member of Central Legislative Council of British India
In office
MonarchKing Emperor Edward VIII
Personal details
NationalityBritish Indian
Political partyAll India Muslim League

Born at Biswanathpur village in Chapai Nawabganj (now in Bangladesh), Khabeeruddin was admitted at the University of Cambridge, and trained as a barrister at the Gray's Inn in London.[5][6] Upon his return to British India, he enrolled at the Calcutta High Court, and took an interest in British Indian national politics.[7] In addition, he practiced law at the Federal Court of India when it was established in New Delhi. Khabeeruddin died in New Delhi in March 1939.[8] He was a member of the Central Legislative Assembly until the last day of his life.[9]

A portrait of Khabeeruddin Ahmed c.1939


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