Ketevan (Georgian: ქეთევანი) is a Georgian feminine given name, derived from the name Katāyoun, a figure in Persian mythology. It is sometimes used as a Georgian form of Katherine but, in terms of their etymology, the two names aren't related as Katherine has origins in the Greek language while Ketevan has origins in the Persian language. Diminutives of Ketevan include Kato, Keti, Keta, Ketato, Keto and Ketino, with Keti popular in English-speaking populations, likely due to its pronunciation and spelling being similar to Katie, and Kato and Keto popular among Georgians in Russia. The name was is common use for Georgian royalty and batonishvili.


  • Ketevan (Georgian)
  • Kéthévane, Kethevan, Kethevane, Khétévane (French)
  • Ketewan (German)



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