Keshavarz Qazvin FSC

Keshavarz Qazvin Futsal Club (Persian: باشگاه فوتسال کشاورز قزوین) was an Iranian professional Futsal club based in Qazvin.

Keshavarz Qazvin FSC
کشاورز قزوین
Full nameKeshavarz Qazvin Futsal Club
GroundShahid Babaei
OwnerMahmoud Abdullahi


The club was originally known as Felamingo Qazvin. In the half season of 2007–08 Iranian Futsal Super League it was renamed Poushineh Baft Qazvin due to change of sponsorship. Did not participate in the 2010-11 due to financial problems and lack of sponsorship. in the 2011–12 Iran Futsal's 1st Division they were renamed again to Heyat Football Qazvin. In the 2013–14 Iran Futsal's 1st Division it was renamed Keshavarz Qazvin due to change of sponsorship.


The table below chronicles the achievements of the Club in various competitions.

Season League Position Hazfi Notes
2004–05 1st Division ?
2005-06 Not held
2006–07 1st Division ? Promoted
2007–08 Super League 11th
2008–09 Super League 7th
2009–10 Super League 11th
2010–11 Super League Withdrew from the league Relegation
2011–12 1st Division 3rd / Group A
2012–13 1st Division 2nd / Group A Promoted Play Off
2013–14 1st Division 3rd / Group A Withdrew
2014–15 1st Division 7th / Group Khazar Sea
2015–16 1st Division 8th / Group B Relegation

Last updated: May 2, 2021

Champions Runners-up Third Place Fourth Place Relegation Promoted Did not qualify not held