Kerberos (magazine)

Kerberos was a Swedish language satirical magazine published in Helsinki, Finland, in the period 1917–1921.[1] Its subtitle was Tidskrift för satir och humor (Swedish: Satirical and humor magazine).[2]

CategoriesSatirical magazine
Year founded1917
Final issue1921
Based inHelsinki
Cartoons used in Kerberos

History and profileEdit

Kerberos was launched in 1917.[3] The magazine had a liberal political stance although politics was not its sole focus.[1] Because it also featured artistic writings.[1] From 1917 to 1918 it also produced a Finnish language edition which improved the popularity of the magazine.[1] The audience of the magazine was cultural elites.[1]

Kerberos supported anti-communist and anti-bolshevik views when dealing with the newly founded communist regime in Russia.[1] The magazine authors argued that monarchy would be better option for the country and also, for the interests of Finland.[1] The magazine folded in 1921[3] and was succeeded by another Swedish language satirical magazine, Garm.[1]


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