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Kenny Lane was a southpaw (left handed) boxer. He fought for lightweight and light welterweight titles of the world, once against Joe Brown and twice against Carlos Ortiz.

Kenny Lane
Real nameKenneth H. Lane
Height5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
NationalityUnited States
Born(1944-04-09)April 9, 1944
Big Rapids, Michigan
DiedNovember 29, 2018(2018-11-29) (aged 74)
Lansing, Michigan
Boxing record
Total fights100
Wins by KO19
No contests0


Early lifeEdit

Kenny was raised on a farm in Big Rapids, Michigan with his four brothers and sister. According to his family, he regularly fought with his brothers and it is assumed that his southpaw stance was adopted to defend himself against his older brother who later became an Olympic boxer. [1]

Professional boxing careerEdit

Lane was known for having a very unorthodox way of fighting. This combined with the fact that he was a southpaw made him an excellent boxer and in 1953 started his professional career.[2]

Quote from Ortiz: "No one was more difficult to figure out than Kenny Lane, the guy was unbelievably clever" [3]

He had a controversial decision loss to Joe Brown for undisputed lightweight championship of the world. He fought the Ortiz rubber match for light welterweight title.

Lane decided at age 50 to round out his professional career to 100 bouts. He dropped to his fighting weight from almost 200 pounds.[4] After beating 3 much younger opponents he lost to the fourth. Kenny decided to retire for the final time, making the even 100 bouts he sought.

Family lifeEdit

Kenny Lane married his wife Ruth as a teenager in West Virginia. Kenny and Ruth had no children.

Later yearsEdit

After retiring Kenny continued teaching boxing in the Lansing area. Kenny ran the boxing program at the Lansing Gallo Recreation Center. Several times Kenny drove less fortunate members of the program to meetings and matches across Michigan, often on his own dollar. Kenny's legacy will live through his students,most recently his student Christian Lloyd, carries on his name through his own successful career.

In 1995, British singer Morrissey released an album called Southpaw Grammar. The cover featured an old photograph of Lane from the April 1963 issue of The Ring magazine. [5]

Lane was admitted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 2004. [6]

Later in life Lane became an avid golfer and had a tournament named for him. He died of a heart attack on November 29, 2018 alongside one of his most well known students, Christian Lloyd in Lansing, Michigan. [7]

Professional boxing recordEdit

82 Wins (19 knockouts), 16 Losses, 2 Draws


Result Opponent Type Round, Time Date Location Notes
Loss Dave Guerra Split Decision Unknown 1985-11-02 Grand Rapids, Michigan Second retirement.
Win Willie Floyd McIntosh KO Unknown 1983-06-18 Muskegon, Michigan none
Win Paul Lewis KO Unknown 1983-04-16 Muskegon, Michigan none
Win Bobby Plegge PTS Unknown 1982-07-17 Muskegon, Michigan Lane comes out of retirement at age 50.
Loss Eddie Perkins Unanimous Decision Unknown 1965-10-25 New Orleans, Louisiana Lane retires.
Loss Carlos Hernandez KO Unknown 1964-10-05 Maracaibo, Venezuela none
Loss Dave Charnley PTS Unknown 1964-06-02 Wembley, London, UK none
Win Stoffel Steyn TKO Unknown 1964-05-09 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa none
Loss Carlos Ortiz Unanimous Decision Unknown 1964-04-11 San Juan, Puerto Rico WBA and WBC Lightweight titles
Win Johnny Bizzarro Split Decision Unknown 1964-02-19 Erie, Pennsylvania none
Win Paul Armstead Unanimous Decision Unknown 1963-08-19 Saginaw, Michigan Michigan lightweight title
Win Vicente Milan Derado Unanimous Decision Unknown 1963-03-02 New York City, New York none
Win Len Matthews TKO Round 9, Unknown 1962-09-15 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania none
Win Carlos Hernandez Unanimous Decision Unknown 1962-07-14 New York City, New York none
Win Tommy Tibbs Unanimous Decision Unknown 1962-06-11 Boston, Massachusetts none
Win Luis Molina Unanimous Decision Unknown 1962-04-14 San Jose, California none
Loss Garland Randall Unanimous Decision Unknown 1962-01-23 Houston, Texas none
Win Aissa Hashas PTS Unknown 1961-10-16 Paris, France none
Win Virgil Akins PTS Unknown 1961-09-22 Annapolis, Maryland none
Win Garland Randall Unanimous Decision Unknown 1961-08-30 Amarillo, Texas none
Win TJ Jones PTS Unknown 1961-08-14 Chicago, Illinois none
Win Willie Robertson Unanimous Decision Unknown 1961-06-30 Muskegon, Michigan none
Win Ray Portilla TKO Unknown 1961-06-16 San Antonio, Texas none
Draw Curtis Cokes PTS Unknown 1961-06-08 Dallas, Texas none
Win Manuel Gonzalez Unanimous Decision Unknown 1961-05-16 Odessa, Texas none
Win Garland Randall Unanimous Decision Unknown 1961-05-01 Dallas, Texas none
Draw Carlos Hernandez PTS Unknown 1961-02-20 Caracas, Venezuela none
Lose Jose Stable Unanimous Decision Unknown 1961-01-23 New York City, New York none
Win Lahouari Godih Maryland Unknown 1960-12-06 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania none
Lose Len Matthews TKO Unknown 1960-10-08 Los Angeles, California none
Win Sid Adams TKO Unknown 1960-09-27 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania none
Win Douglas Vaillant Unanimous Decision Unknown 1960-08-16 Miami Beach, Florida none
Win Jerry Black Unanimous Decision Unknown 1960-04-25 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania none
Lose Ralph Dupas Unanimous Decision Unknown 1960-01-13 Mobile, Alabama none
Win Ray Lancaster KO Unknown 1959-12-29 Minneapolis, Minnesota none
Win Virgil Akins Maryland Unknown 1959-10-28 Washington District of Columbia none
Lose Carlos Ortiz TKO Unknown 1959-06-12 New York City, New York World Light Welterweight Title
Win Johnny Busso TKO Unknown 1959-04-17 Hollywood, California none
Win Carlos Ortiz Maryland Unknown 1958-12-31 Miami Beach, Florida none
Win Lahouari Godih Split Decision Unknown 1958-11-07 Syracuse, New York none
Win Orlando Zulueta Unanimous Decision Unknown 1958-09-06 Muskegon, Michigan none
Lose Joe Brown Unanimous Decision Unknown 1958-07-23 Houston, Texas World Lightweight Title
Win Davey Dupas KO Unknown 1958-05-26 Dallas, Texas none
Win Johnny Gonsalves Unanimous Decision Unknown 1958-01-09 Oakland, California none
Win Luke Easter TKO Unknown 1957-12-09 San Francisco, California none
Win Orlando Zulueta Unanimous Decision Unknown 1957-10-30 Chicago, Illinois none
Win Johnny Gonsalves Unanimous Decision Unknown 1957-08-20 Oakland, California none
Win Teddy Davis Unanimous Decision Unknown 1957-08-03 Muskegon, Michigan none
Win Henry Brown KO Unknown 1957-05-22 Detroit, Michigan none
Win Danny Davis TKO Unknown 1957-04-06 Muskegon, Michigan none
Win Frankie Ryff TKO Unknown 1957-01-30 Norfolk, Virginia none
Win Frankie Ryff Unanimous Decision Unknown 1956-11-14 Miami, Florida none
Win Ludwig Lightburn Unanimous Decision Unknown 1956-09-19 Miami, Florida none
Win Ralph Capone TKO Unknown 1956-08-30 Muskegon, Michigan none
Win Glen Flanagan Unanimous Decision Unknown 1956-08-02 Minneapolis, Minnesota none
Win Ralph Dupas Split Decision Unknown 1956-07-09 New Orleans, Louisiana none
Win Danny Davis Unanimous Decision Unknown 1956-05-10 Minneapolis, Minnesota none
Win Enrique Esqueda PTS Unknown 1956-03-25 Mexico City, Mexico none
Win Ike Vaughn PTS Unknown 1956-02-25 Lansing, Michigan none
Win Don Mason Unanimous Decision Unknown 1955-12-06 Milwaukee, Wisconsin none
Win Kid Centella Unanimous Decision Unknown 1955-11-07 New Orleans, Louisiana none
Lose Paddy DeMarco Split Decision Unknown 1955-10-03 New York City, New York none
Win Hocine Khalfi Unanimous Decision Unknown 1955-08-16 Miami Beach, Florida none
Win Noel Humphreys PTS Unknown 1955-08-03 Mt. Pleasant, Michigan none
Win Elmer Lakatos TKO Unknown 1955-07-28 Milwaukee, Wisconsin none
Win Jimmy Ford Unanimous Decision Unknown 1955-07-12 Miami Beach, Florida none
Win Richie Howard PTS Unknown 1955-06-28 Nova Scotia, Canada none
Win Larry Boardman Unanimous Decision Unknown 1955-06-21 Miami Beach, Florida none
Win Eli Leggett Unanimous Decision Unknown 1955-06-07 Detroit, Michigan none
Win Richie Howard PTS Unknown 1955-05-30 Nova Scotia, Canada none
Win Armand Savoie Unanimous Decision Unknown 1955-03-29 Grand Rapids, Michigan none
Lose Ralph Dupas Split Decision Unknown 1955-03-14 New Orleans, Louisiana none
Win Jackie Blair Unanimous Decision Unknown 1955-02-14 New York City, New York none
Win Danny Jo Perez Split Decision Unknown 1954-12-13 New York City, New York none
Win Orlando Zulueta Split Decision Unknown 1954-11-08 New York City, New York none
Win George Collins PTS Unknown 1954-10-04 New York City, New York none
Win John Barnes PTS Unknown 1954-08-12 Muskegon, Michigan none
Win Elmer Lakatos PTS Unknown 1954-06-22 Detroit, Michigan none
Win Sammy Rodgers PTS Unknown 1954-05-27 Muskegon, Michigan none
Lose John Barnes PTS Unknown 1954-03-22 Detroit, Michigan none
Lose John Barnes TKO Unknown 1954-02-01 Detroit, Michigan none
Win Jesse Underwood PTS Unknown 1954-01-14 Saginaw, Michigan none
Win Mike Tourcotte PTS Unknown 1954-01-02 New Orleans, Louisiana none
Win Ronnie Stribling Unanimous Decision Unknown 1953-12-01 Grand Rapids, Michigan none
Lose Ronnie Stribling KO Unknown 1953-10-20 Lansing, Michigan none
Win Ken Hohner PTS Unknown 1953-09-29 Grand Rapids, Michigan none
Win Ralph Cervantes Unanimous Decision Unknown 1953-09-14 Saginaw, Michigan none
Win Eddie Crawford PTS Unknown 1953-09-10 Detroit, Michigan none
Win Don Grinton KO Unknown 1953-08-20 Detroit, Michigan none
Win Dick Holling KO Unknown 1953-08-06 Detroit, Michigan none
Win Ron McGilvery PTS Unknown 1953-07-23 Detroit, Michigan none
Win Frank O'Neal KO Unknown 1953-07-16 Detroit, Michigan none
Win Johnny Valentine PTS Unknown 1953-06-18 Detroit, Michigan none
Win Benny Uhl PTS Unknown 1953-06-15 Chicago, Illinois none
Win Milton Scott PTS Unknown 1953-05-23 Chicago, Illinois none
Win John Walls PTS Unknown 1953-05-11 Chicago, Illinois none
Win Jimmy DeMura PTS Unknown 1953-04-30 Detroit, Michigan none
Win Bob Henry KO Unknown 1953-04-20 Chicago, Illinois none
Win Jimmy DeMura PTS Unknown 1953-04-16 Detroit, Michigan none
Win Clinton McDade PTS Unknown 1953-04-09 Grand Rapids, Michigan none

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