Keeneyville School District 20

Keeneyville School District 20 (KSD20) is an elementary school district headquartered in Hanover Park, Illinois.[2] The district has three schools. As of 2014 it had over 100 teachers and professional employees as well as over 1,500 students.[3] The district serves the Keeneyville unincorporated area and sections of Hanover Park, Bloomingdale, and Roselle.[4]

Keeneyville School District 20
5540 Arlington Drive East
Hanover Park
, Illinois, 60133
United States
District information
NCES District ID1720880[1]
Students and staff
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It was originally known as the Lake Street School District 20 and was established in Bloomingdale on October 4, 1887, with a one-room schoolhouse. It initially had one teacher and nine students between the ages of 5 and 12. In 1914 Lake Street School received its first multi-room building. The first recorded instance of the school having a second teacher was in 1941. There were 35 students in 1949 and about 100 by 1964.[3]

By 1950 the district received its current name; its namesake is real estate developer Albert F. Keeney (1872-1950), who originated from Iowa and subdivided several area plots in 1932. He and his family donated money and signage to the Lake Street School.[3]

In 1951 the district installed a gymnasium and an additional classroom at the Lake Street School, and in 1965 four extra classrooms, additional restrooms, a storage room, a boiler, and a teacher lounge were added. The Lake Street School was later replaced by newer facilities and was eventually demolished.[3]



The schools include: Spring Wood Middle School in Hanover Park, Greenbrook Elementary School in Hanover Park, Waterbury Elementary School in Roselle, and Early Childhood Center in Hanover Park.


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