Kazuhiko Matsumoto

Kazuhiko Matsumoto (松本和彦, Matsumoto Kazuhiko) is a prominent Japanese adult video (AV) director, credited with inventing the bukkake genre of Japanese pornography.

Kazuhiko Matsumoto
OccupationFilm director
Years activeAt least 1995 –

Life and careerEdit


Matsumoto was the founder and first director of M's Video Group (MVG) in 1995. In December 2005, the present company (re-formed in 2005) issued a series of 14 DVDs of Matsumoto's early work to celebrate their 10th anniversary.[1][2]

Matsumoto is credited with creating the term bukakke and the pornographic genre in 1998 as a response to Japanese censorship of AV. Because any graphic depiction of the pubic hair and genitals were banned in Japanese pornography, directors had to find less direct ways of portraying sexual activity. Matsumoto developed the bukkake genre as a way of following these censorship laws literally while still giving his audience visual evidence of male sexual climax.[3][4]

Matsumoto has also directed videos in the bukakke genre and other styles for Moodyz and Soft On Demand (SOD).[5] An Nanba and Bunko Kanazawa are two of the prominent AV idols Matsumoto directed while working for the Moodyz company.[6][7] At SOD he directed Nana Natsume in her first bukakke movie Nana Natsume Showered by Semen.[8]


Matsumoto directed for Dogma in 2003 including a bukakke-gokkun genre video with Kurumi Morishita in March 2003.[9] He was one of nine directors invited to compete in Dogma's D-1 Climax Awards contest in 2005 but his entry Party R [Dogma D1-001] with Rina Yuuki finished last.[9][10] Matsumoto didn't compete in the 2006 D-1 Climax Awards but his video at the 2007 D-1 Climax Awards, 60 Pussies, Ugly Men, Black Men, Pussy Bukkake, Nakadashi And Fuck! [Dogma D1-301] took 5th place.[10] It was for this video that Matsumoto developed "M-Vision" ("M" for Matsumoto), which allows adult video directors to focus their cameras simultaneously on an actress's face and her genitals.[10][11] This was named by Weekly Playboy as the number one innovation likely to change the sex industry in 2008.[12]


From mid-2007, Matsumoto also directed non-bukakke style videos for S1 No. 1 Style featuring such top AV idols as Yuma Asami, Akiho Yoshizawa, Minori Hatsune and Tina Yuzuki (Rio) which featured his "M-Vision" technique.[5]


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