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  • Gaya confederacy, a confederacy in southern Korea (42–562 CE)
  • Kaya Airlines, a Mozambican airline
  • Kaya F.C., a Filipino association football club
  • Kaya identity, an equation relating factors that determine the level of human impact on climate, in the form of emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide
  • Kaya (jam), a type of coconut egg jam popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia
  • Kaya-no-miya, the seventh oldest collateral branch (ōke) of the Japanese Imperial Family
  • Kaya toast, a popular snack amongst Malaysians and Singaporeans and other SE Asians
  • Kaya (tree), Torreya nucifera, or Japanese Nutmeg tree
  • Japanese ship Kaya, several ships
  • Trikaya, the Buddhist doctrine of three kayas (bodies) of Buddha

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