Katsuta Station

Katsuta Station (勝田駅, Katsuta-eki) is a junction passenger railway station inn the city of Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan, operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) and the third-sector railway operator Hitachinaka Seaside Railway.

Katsuta Station

Katsuta Station east side 20170603.jpg
The east side of the station in June 2017
Location1-1 Katsuta-Chuo, Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki-ken 312-0045
Coordinates36°23′38″N 140°31′29″E / 36.3938°N 140.5246°E / 36.3938; 140.5246Coordinates: 36°23′38″N 140°31′29″E / 36.3938°N 140.5246°E / 36.3938; 140.5246
Operated by
Distance121.1 km from Nippori
Platforms2 island platforms
Other information
StatusStaffed ( Midori no Madoguchi )
WebsiteOfficial website
Opened18 March 1910
FY201913,586 daily
Preceding station JR logo (east).svg JR East Following station
toward Shinagawa
Hitachi Tōkai
(limited service)
toward Sendai
Tokiwa Tōkai
toward Takahagi
Jōban Line
toward Sendai
Preceding station Hitachinaka Seaside Railway Following station
Terminus Minato Line Kōkimae
toward Ajigaura
Katsuta Station is located in Ibaraki Prefecture
Katsuta Station
Katsuta Station
Location within Ibaraki Prefecture
Katsuta Station is located in Japan
Katsuta Station
Katsuta Station
Katsuta Station (Japan)


Katsuta Station is served by the Jōban Line from Ueno in Tokyo, and is located 121.1 km from the official starting point of the line at Nippori Station. It is also the terminus of the 14.3 km single-track Hitachinaka Seaside Railway Minato Line to Ajigaura.

Station layoutEdit

The station consists of two island platforms. The station building is elevated and is located above the platforms. The station has a Midori no Madoguchi staffed ticket office.


1  Minato Line for Nakaminato and Ajigaura
2/3  Jōban Line
(JU Ueno-Tokyo Line)
for Mito, Tomobe, Ishioka, Tsuchiura, Ueno, Tokyo and Shinagawa
 Mito Line for Mito, Tomobe, Kasama, Shimodate, and Oyama
4  Jōban Line for Hitachi, Takahagi, Iwaki, Haranomachi and Sendai


The station in March 1993, before rebuilding

The JR East (formerly JNR) Katsuta Station opened on 18 March 1910.[1] The Hitachinaka Seaside Railway (formerly Minato Railway) station opened on 25 December 1913.[2] The station was absorbed into the JR East network upon the privatization of Japanese National Railways (JNR) on 1 April 1987.

Passenger statisticsEdit

In fiscal 2019, the JR portion of the station was used by an average of 13,586 passengers daily (boarding passengers only).[3] The Hitachinaka Seaside Railway station was used by an average of 834 passengers daily in fiscal 2011.[2] The JR East passenger figures for previous years are as shown below.

Fiscal year Daily average
2000 12,723[4]
2005 11,876[5]
2010 11,817[6]
2015 12,936[7]

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