Katsura Shinnosuke

Katsura Shinnosuke (桂 伸乃介, 16 May 1952 – 1 January 2020) was a Japanese rakugoka and musician who performed the works of Katsura Bunji X and performed in the jazz band Newoirans.

Katsura Shinnosuke
桂 伸乃介
Born(1952-05-16)16 May 1952
Shibuya, Japan
Died1 January 2020(2020-01-01) (aged 67)
Itabashi, Tokyo


Katsura Shinnosuke was born Hiroshi Tsutagawa (伝川博, Tsutagawa Hiroshi)[1] on 16 May 1952 in Shibuya, Tokyo.[2] He became the disciple of Katsura Bunji X [ja] (then Katsura Shinji II) in October 1970[2] and adopted the name Katsura Hiroji (桂ひろ治).[3] He adopted the name Katsura Shinnosuke in April 1976[2] after being promoted to futatsume,[3] and was promoted to star performer in May 1986.[2][1]

His performances of his first master's works were described as "clever" and "indispensible".[3] He was a member of the rakugo jazz band Newoirans [ja], for whom he was the pianist.[1] His rakugo performances included Chōtan, Rokurokkubi, and Sanada Kozō,[3] and Chihaya Furu was his final performance on 14 December 2019.[3]

Katsura was admitted to the Itabashi Hospital at the Nihon University School of Medicine,[2] where he died on 1 January 2020 of acute myeloid leukemia.[1]

Personal lifeEdit

He married Yūko (悠子), who survived him.[1]