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See also Prince Katsura, the second son of Prince Mikasa.
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The Katsura-no-miya (桂宮家) was the one of the four shinnōke, branches of the Imperial Family of Japan which were eligible to succeed to the Chrysanthemum Throne in the event that the main line should die out. It was founded by Prince Toshihito, a grandson of Emperor Ōgimachi and brother of Emperor Go-Yōzei. It is the second oldest of the shinnōke, after the Fushimi-no-miya.

The Katsura-no-miya house has died out several times, and has undergone a number of changes in name. It was originally titled Hachijō-no-miya. Prince Hachijō-no-miya Toshihito lived at the Katsura Imperial Villa in Kyoto, hence he and all of his lineage are referred to as Katsura-no-miya.

Prince Yoshihito of Mikasa, the second son of Prince Mikasa received the title Katsura-no-miya in 1988. However this title is connected to his badge (お印, o-shirushi), Katsura (Cercidiphyllum) and thus is not related to the shinnōke title.

Unless otherwise stated, all Princes listed here are the sons of their predecessors.

Name Born Succeeded Died notes
1 Hachijō-no-miya Toshihito shinnō (八条宮 智仁親王) 1579 1589 1629 grandson of Emperor Ōgimachi, brother of Emperor Go-Yōzei
2 Hachijō-no-miya Toshitada shinnō (八条宮 智忠親王) 1620 1629 1662 married granddaughter of Maeda Toshiie
3 Hachijō-no-miya Yasuhito shinnō (八条宮 穏仁親王) 1643 1662 1665 son of Emperor Go-Mizunoo, first cousin once removed from Toshitada
4 Hachijō-no-miya Osahito shinnō (八条宮 長仁親王) 1655 1665 1675 son of Emperor Go-Sai, brother of above
5 Hachijō-no-miya Naohito shinnō (八条宮 尚仁親王) 1671 1675 1689 brother of Osahito
6 Tokiwai-no-miya Saku-no-miya (常磐井宮 作宮) 1689 1689 1692 son of Emperor Reigen, cousin of Naohito
7 Kyōgoku-no-miya Ayahito shinnō (京極宮 文仁親王) 1680 1697 1711 brother of Saku-no-miya, adopted son of Arisugawa-no-miya Yukihito
8 Kyōgoku-no-miya Yakahito shinnō (京極宮 家仁親王) 1704 1709 1768
9 Kyōgoku-no-miya Kinhito shinnō
(京極宮 公仁親王)
1733 1768 1770
10 Katsura -no-miya Takehito shinnō (桂宮 盛仁親王) 1810 1810 1811 son of Emperor Kōkaku, second cousin twice removed from Kinhito
11 Katsura -no-miya Misahito shinnō (桂宮 節仁親王) 1833 1836 1836 son of Emperor Ninkō, nephew of Takehito
12 Katsura -no-miya Sumiko naishinnō (桂宮 淑子内親王) 1829 1863 1881 daughter of Emperor Ninkō, half sister to Kazu-no-miya

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