Kateri hydroelectric system

The Kateri (Katery) hydro electric power station is located in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India. It is a series of dams and a power house with four 125 KW generators and one 500 KW. The site was the first hydro-electric plant in India, and powers the Cordite Factory at Aruvankadu.[1][2][3]

Hydroelectric Power house

A reservoir with a capacity of 12.25 million cubic feet was created by the first dam, which was completed in 1902. A second reservoir with capacity of 10 million cubic feet was formed by the second dam, completed in 1916.[1]

Other hydro-electric systemsEdit

The following are the other hydro-electric systems in the Nilgiris district:

  • Pykara hydro-electric systems
  • Moyar hydro-electric systems
  • Kundah hydro-electric systems
  • Mukurthi micro power house
  • Maravakandy Power House[1]

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